About Eva Zeisel

May 18, 2017

Though best known for her modernist ceramics, the acoustic tiles of the Eva Zeisel Collection for FilzFelt takes inspiration from her room dividers and glazed tiles in six shapes of acoustic tiles that feature curvilinear forms nesting together to create soft, fluid patterning. Born into an educated family in Hungary, Eva entered the Royal Academy of Fine Arts at the age of 17 as a painter but shifted gears to apprentice under the last pottery master in the medieval guild system and was the first female journeyman. After immigrating to the United States, she established herself as a teacher at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn and a ceramics designer with companies such as Bay Ridge Specialty Company, Red Wing Pottery, and Sears & Roebuck. In 1942, she was commissioned by the Museum of Modern Art and Castleton China to design an all-white modern dinner service that was exhibited as the first one-woman show at MoMA. Though known for working with a variety of different materials, she revealed ceramics remained her favorite: “... because I can feel (the clay) with my hands.”


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