FilzFelt at NeoCon 2015

June 26, 2015

FilzFelt continues to attract attention with the Architecture Research Office Collection of innovative, acoustic products, now also available in most Spinneybeck© leathers. At the front of the showroom, customized ARO Plank 1 creates an informal bench in a café setting and ARO Array 4 Hanging Panels with ARO Plank 1 and 3 provide tactile acoustic absorption in refuge and enclave spaces. Shown in Spinneybeck© leather and being introduced later this year, ARO Plank 5 draws inspiration from clapboard siding. The three modules are chamfered and set at various depths to cast compelling, evolving shadows. Elsewhere in the showroom, custom 2mm Design Felt Drapery showcases a hand-stitched detail. And finding a home on Knoll Autostrada Shared workstations, Akustika 10 Wall provides a tackable, acoustic surface with an ultra-thin profile. ARO Baffle 1 provides a highly-effective and customizable acoustic solution overhead.