FilzFelt at NeoCon 2016

July 7, 2016

At this year’s NeoCon, sound softening and modular felt products fill the walls, ceilings, and everywhere in between at the Knoll showroom. To compliment Knoll’s open and flexible Rockwell Unscripted™ products—which take insights from startup culture, residential and hospitality design, and co-working—FilzFelt’s architectural products feature 100% natural, undyed felt colors in architectural products that provide acoustic absorption, space division, and graphic patterning.

Akustika 25 Baffle

Akustika 25 Baffles in 150 Weiß extend across the ceilings of the Knoll showroom, providing soft, sound absorption overhead. This flexible product provides an NRC rating of 1.20 and allows suspension points at varied positions to avoid lighting and sprinkler heads.

ARO Plank + ARO Shingle

ARO Plank and ARO Shingle are acoustic wall systems composed of individual planks or courses that assemble to create standard patterns. Providing NRC ratings of 1.0 and 0.75, the planks and courses attach to vertical strapping with FilzFelt’s Interlock Mounting System and are available in 63 colors. ARO Plank 1 has two distinct half round modules that are composed of felt-covered extruded acoustic foam and available in four standard configurations. Whereas, ARO Shingle 1 has two distinct tile profiles and the tile rows are offset to create multiple pattern readings. The tiles overlap each other vertically and horizontally and 10mm acoustic substrate backs each tile.

ARO Block

ARO Block featured in 170 Asche anchored a seating area installed over a custom cork wallcovering. This modular acoustic panel system that adds sound control in a customizable, easy-to-install system. Available in several standard shapes, ARO Block provides an NRC of 0.6 in acoustic panels made from 3mm 100% Wool Design Felt mounted to an über-thin 10mm virgin PET substrate. ARO Block is available in a variety of shapes inspired by mathematical tiling and architectural patterns. The 63 colors of wool felt may configure in endless ways creating a customizable, one-of-a-kind acoustic solution that can be installed across large surfaces as a monolithic wall finish, or in small areas as an accent. ARO Block will launch in August of 2016.

Custom Akustika 10 Suspended

ARO Block was the inspiration for custom Akustika 10 Suspended panels in the warm hues of 102 Kirsche, 105 Rost, and 170 Asche. These cable suspended panels provide color and patterning above head and maximize sound absorption.

Submaterial Collection

FilzFelt’s new collaboration with New Mexico-based Submaterial was introduced at NeoCon with an expansive installation of Index Dimensional. Featured in a stunning natural white wool colorway, Index Dimensional captures light and shadow in a pattern of repeated and staggered rectangles. Combining 100% wool felt with natural cork composite backing—two materials known for their acoustic properties—this tile-based wallcovering system ensures a dynamic random effect on the wall.

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