Getting Back to the Office

June 17, 2020



Getting Back to the Office

As we all begin to make the shift back into the workplace, its more important than ever to create an environment that feels safe and comfortable.  Don’t know where to begin? We’ve gathered four nifty solutions that make it easy to provide a safer work environment which encourages social distancing with products that are easily integrated, customizable, and look pretty great to boot.


Desktop Screens

Stake your claim and provide a little separation by simply adding acoustic screens to head’s down work areas.  Ready to move?  Disassemble, move, and reassemble screens in a jiffy with no muss or fuss.






Hanging Panels

Hanging Panels divide space while light can still flow through the entire room - an easy way to maintain an open office feel while delineating space and creating soft boundries and individual work areas.  Plus, they can be easily layered to provide varying levels of sound and visual privacy.



Cabanas + Canopies

A nod to wool felt’s early uses as tents and yurts, draped felt creates semi-private work cabanas or acoustic canopies in open areas.  These straightforward (though anything but ordinary) installations make the most of wool felt’s thickness and rigidity in sound-mitigated spaces draped in soft, all-natural texture.






Touch Down Spaces

Wool felt provides softness as well as quiet in semi-private touchdown spaces that allow workers to hideout and get a little me time.  Wool felt wall covering offers a pop of color and all-natural texture or modular products such as Block allow for customizable patterning.



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