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Natural Felt Ceiling Covering Meets San Francisco’s Industrial Past

Aidlin Darling Design needed a material solution that could support their design for the San Francisco office of the New York branding firm, Redscout. Featuring an open workplace that needs to support both group and individual work, the material needed to function acoustically. It also needed to compliment the brick shell of this 19th century building in historic Jackson Square while providing the minimalistic, modern aesthetic of a 21st century office.

8mm Wool Design Felt, made wholly of undyed, 100% natural wool, is direct-glued to the ceiling of the conference room to mute sound and aid in areas where privacy and sound isolation is necessary. The tonal and textural variation and inherent beauty of the natural wool is a perfect pairing for the existing interior architecture and the 8mm felt provides the necessary sound absorption in the conference room.

For more information on 100% Wool Design Felt, please visit the Felt by the Yard product page.

  • Specifier Aidlin Darling Design
  • Location San Francisco CA
  • Product 100% Wool Design Felt
  • Felt Color 200 Natur
  • Felt Thickness 8mm

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