• CityMD 1


Felt Panels Add Color to a Busy Waiting Room

CityMD is a series of urgent care centers located in the heart of Manhattan. The clientele is urban and the aesthetic is modern and sophisticated. However, modern shouldn’t necessarily equate to clinical, and Andrew Fredman’s office searched for an artwork substitution that would double as colorful graphic while muting sound in the bustling reception and waiting area. The asymmetrical orientation of various panels paired with multiple colors provides a unique installation and a vibrant graphic element in the space. Akustika 10 Wall comes pre-installed with standard Z-Clip fasteners for a speedy, effortless installation.

  • Specifier Andrew Fredman Architect
  • Location New York NY
  • Product Akustika 10 Wall
  • Felt Colors 100 Wollweiß, 124 Gelb, 384 Lind, 423 Hellgrau, 426 Schwarz, 497 D’Braun

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