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Davis Loft

Playful Patterning in Children’s Sleeping Lofts

Easy loft living is the design theme for this 3,200 square foot loft in the Tribeca section of Manhattan designed by studiodb. An open plan allows light to penetrate the entire apartment and utilizes a bright, neutral color story, even in the children’s bedrooms. These playful spaces integrate sleeping lofts where undyed 100% Wool Design Felt in color 150 Weiß is installed at the wooden railings to create a tactile, minimal railing system. The felt pieces are CNC cut with lighthearted circle and star-shaped patterns and holes for hardware were pre-cut for easy installation.

  • Specifier studiodb
  • Location New York NY
  • Product CNC cut Wool Design Felt
  • Felt Color 150 Weiß

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