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About Bernd Benninghoff

Bernd Benninghoff is a furniture designer and interior architect based in Mainz, Germany. Since 2000, Bernd has developed furniture as well as room and exhibition concepts for international clients. For him, objects and spatial context are interrelated. It is important for him to use authentic materials and appropriate manufacturing processes— in search of meaningful design solutions and room experiences with independent character. 

As a Professor at the University of Applied Sciences Mainz, he teaches in the field of material technology and leads design projects at bachelor and master levels—in exchange with students, colleagues, and interdisciplinary project partners. The project series “Material as Design Impulse,” which has been continuously implemented since 2009, is the focus of his applied materials research. Together with three partners, he founded the design collective cabs design. The changing activities as a designer and university teacher are mutually dependent and allow inspiring changes of perspective. 

Bernd Studio Detail

“Most of my design developments start with a simple observation and a question that I ask myself and then try to answer through a product.”

Bernd Benninghoff Studio Entrance
Bernd in Studio

“My goal is to develop products that are easy to manufacture and to install — but at the same time generate a strong three-dimensional surface that creates a warm atmosphere and plays with light and shadow.” 

Bernd Strap Shelving

Bernd Benninghoff + FilzFelt

Designed with simplicity and efficiency always in mind, the wall applications designed by Bernd leave room for customization to create a playful or sophisticated aesthetic. His designs consistently play with light and shadow often protruding from the wall or incoporating v-grooves cut directly into the felt and acoustic substrate. 

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