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A natural material and recycled substrate are made for each other. FilzFelt’s Akustika-backed products pair 100% Wool Design Felt with the 60% recycled content of Akustika 10 to provide all-natural texture and high performance.

Akustika 10 Wall Arc Arcade ARO Block 1 ARO Block 2 ARO Block 3 ARO Block 4 ARO Plank 1 ARO Plank 2 ARO Plank 3 ARO Plank 4 ARO Plank 5 ARO Plank 6 ARO Plank 7 ARO Plank 8 ARO Shingle 1 ARO Shingle 2 ARO Shingle 3 ARO Shingle 4 ARO Shingle 5 Bottle Block Bulb Checker Chevron Block Crossover Custom Mosaik Dart Block Diamond Block Duet Facade Fish Block Gap Gingham Goblet Block Grain Hex Hex Block Hive 1 Hive 2 Hive 3 Horizontal Bar Hourglass Block Ion Muro Plus Picket Block Plus Block Rain Rectangle Block Reeds Rille Rise Scale Spindle Block Square Block Tac-Tile Triangle 60 Block Triangle 90 Block Tuck Turn Twill Vase Block Velo Vertical Bar Waffle Weave
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