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  • Bank of America Wall Street

Bank of America Wall Street

Colorful Branding and Sound Absorption at ATM Vestibule

In Bank of America’s ATM vestibules, hard surfaces abound. Walls, floors, and ceilings are all nonporous (and in some cases, even glossy) materials. With the introduction of ATMs that allow voice communication, acoustic considerations are paramount. The reverberation time of a sound wave is the amount of time it takes for sound to dissipate and lengthy reverberation times allow sounds to build up and conflict with one another. The mean sound reverberation time of a typical ATM vestibule was 2 seconds, meaning sound was garbled and distractions plentiful, whereas an optimal reverberation time is somewhere around 0.6 second.

By covering 27 percent of the ceiling surface area in custom stem-mounted Akustika 25 Suspended, the reverberation time was reduced by 70 percent. These custom Akustika 25 Suspended panels feature 60 percent recycled content acoustic PET material with 3mm Design Felt flushed mounted to one side. In addition to sound absorption, these panels offer a branding opportunity by being cut to a simplified version of the Bank of America logo in red and blue felt. These modular panels are custom stem-mounted to avoid HVAC vents and security cameras. In addition, sprinkler heads are lowered and penetrated through a handful of Akustika panels and painted to match the red felt.

For more information on the product featured, please visit Akustika 25 Suspended.

  • Client Bank of America
  • Location New York NY
  • Product Custom Akustika 25 Suspended
  • Felt Colors 179 Hellrot + 272 Royal
  • Photographer Bob O’Connor

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