Radian Group

Custom hanging panels get a bit of branding

At the 25,000 square foot Orientation Automation Center, Radian Group, a private mortgage insurance and services provider, brought together its corporate, technology and operations teams at its corporate headquarters in Philadelphia. At the reception area, custom Matrix Hanging Panels in 713 Kiwi provide a burst of color and provide branding with an embroidered logo. To finish the panels, a layer of 3mm is laminated to the back. The panels are installed on a two-channel Hanging Panel Track System to provide flexibility and spatial separation.

For more information on the products featured, please visit Custom Hanging Panels and Hanging Panel Track System.

  • Specifier Nelson
  • Location Philadelphia PA
  • Products Custom Matrix Hanging Panels + Hanging Panel Track System
  • Felt Color 713 Kiwi

Type: Workplace

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