Imprint is a Down-to-Earth Wallcovering

August 26, 2020

Imprint is an acoustic wallcovering system that features a seemingly random pattern that delivers big-time texture. This wallcovering composed of easy-to-install two feet by one foot tiles was inspired by the pitted limestone along the hiking trails in the designer’s native New Mexico. Available in over fifty colors of natural 100% Wool Design Felt on a cork backing, Imprint provides a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.35 to work its sound-softening magic in any space.


Behind the Design of Imprint

Curious about the story behind Imprint? We sat down with designer David Hamlin to chat about his inspiration and design process. “I am quite interested in geology and that interest is a large part of what drew me to New Mexico. A major land feature where I live is Sandia, an 11,000-foot mountain that thrusts up out of the desert very abruptly. In hiking along the trails at its crest you can see this beautifully pitted limestone exposed, and it has this characteristic quality of randomness I am so drawn to.” To read more of our chat with David Hamlin, click the link below to view the full interview.


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