A Road Trip Leads to Something Patternly

November 17, 2021

On a camper van road trip exploring villages along the Swiss Alps, German designer Bernd Benninghoff found unexpected inspiration. Crossover, Facade, and Gap bring the interest of architectural facades indoors with three-dimensionality and repeating linear patterns. With heaps of color choices, these modular wall products soak up sound and installation couldn’t be easier.


A Road Trip Leads to Something Patternly

It was out on the road that inspiration struck for what would become a new collection of wallcovering designs. Driving city-to-city along the base of the Swiss Alps, Bernd naturally took notice of the architecture in each town he explored. Particularly struck by the complexities and patterning of the facades and exteriors that crossed his path, it occurred to him that the same attention to pattern and structure is often overlooked when designing the interior. So Bernd came back to his studio and started conceiving a line of wallcoverings that would bring the outside in.


“I often cross paths with buildings that are intricately designed on the outside, only to be rather mundane and monochromatic on the inside. With Crossover, Facade, and Gap, I was interested in transferring textures, lines, and three-dimensional depth from the outside of these buildings, to the inside.”

Part of the MillerKnoll collective