Introducing New Acoustic Panels from Submaterial

July 13, 2017

Designed by New Mexico-based design studio, Submaterial, five additions to FilzFelt’s Submaterial Collection up the ante on acoustic wallcoverings. Bulb, Hex, Horizontal Bar, Rain, and Vertical Bar provide dimensional patterning and improved acoustic performance while staying true to Submaterial’s passion for meticulously-crafted, natural material wallcoverings. Their go-to material of 100% wool felt conceals a high-performing, ultra-thin and lightweight acoustic substrate to provide an NRC (noise reduction coefficient) rating of 0.60.

Due to wool felt’s thickness and rigidity, the designs feature on-edge felt detailing in patterns that evoke concentric forms and nested lines or laminated color and bold linearity. The modular wall-to-wall patterns allow adaptability in customizable size as well as selection from over ninety colorways ranging from natural, undyed wools to highly saturated hues. These acoustic wallcoverings ship in panels up to 2’-10” x 9’-8” (86 x 295 cm) in size and offer straightforward installation with Z-Clip mounting. This one-of-a-kind sound softening solution assembles with butt joints with minimized seaming between sections to create continuous expanses of color, pattern, and all-natural texture.


Part of the MillerKnoll collective