New Felt Colors Plucked From Nature

April 6, 2021

Oodles and Oodles of New Colors

When you’ve got a good thing going, you do more (felt colors, that is!) Introducing new 100% Wool Design Felt colors developed by Copenhagen-based designer Nina Bruun. Working from our existing color palette, Nina refreshed the color collection with forty new colors ranging from earthy neutrals to sunny shades. The new colors inspired by nature and her surroundings in Copenhagen round out the color line and come in 3mm and 5mm, meaning that each and every FilzFelt product is now available in over ninety colors.


Meet Nina Bruun

Nina Bruun is an accomplished designer, trend spotter, and consultant based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Established in 2016, her multidisciplinary creative studio creates customized solutions within the fields of trends, colors, product design, and visual brand identity.


“My hope for the color palette is to make it possible for other creatives and designers to create the exact atmosphere they need—and dream of. ”

Behind the Design

We caught up with Nina to chat about the process of developing a cohesive color palette, her go-to sources for inspiration, and what she hopes and envisions for designers as we launch the new collection.


“It was important to start with colors found in nature and colors that would suit the wool/material. I wanted to create a collection where as many colors as possible could easily be paired and mixed and still look beautiful.”

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