Bring Sound Softening Into the Fold

April 6, 2022

Introducing Tuck and Turn

From the whimsical mind of Swedish designer Mia Cullin, our newest acoustic wall tiles bring playful patterning and sound softening into the fold. Tuck + Turn highlight the structural properties of wool felt by folding wide strips this way and that and rotate to create a myriad of patterns in single or multi-color schemes. Plus, a flat accent tile has been thrown into the mix to allow endless options that go up in no time flat.


Introducing Tuck and Turn
Introducing Tuck and Turn

Meet Mia Cullin

For Swedish designer Mia Cullin, creating furniture and products that feel welcoming and friendly is core to her design aesthetic. Mia’s approach to the collection, and her work in general, comes from a deep interest in traditional craftsmanship that often combines basic geometries and simple shapes with hand-crafted details. 


Introducing Tuck and Turn

“We, as designers, have a responsibility to challenge every new product we make in a world that abounds with things: Does it have character? Does it tell a story? Does it have the force to crave its own place among existing objects?”

Behind the Design

For nearly twenty-five years, Mia has conceived of everything from textiles and decor to lighting and furniture. With Tuck + Turn, she expanded her array of work to include acoustic wall tiles that bring her unique and playful aesthetic that her designs are known for. We connected with the Stockholm-based designer to learn more about the playful pair, what this year has in store, and our shared passion for sustainability.​


Turn and felt on Mia Cullin desk

"I often work hands-on when starting a new project. Folding is an interesting way to create shape and form. You can create volume with a small amount of material.”

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