Kelly Harris Smith Collection Featured in Contract

October 12, 2017

The Kelly Harris Smith Collection of Hanging Panels get a nod in the September issue of Contract. The seven new hanging panel designs—Arch, Arrow, Dash, Dot, Loop, Pitch, and Square—begin with the seemingly straightforward circle, triangle, and square but by combining, repeating, and scaling, the shapes form complex patterning. Inspired by halftone reprographic techniques from when newsprint was king, the repeated shapes shift in scale and spacing to create this gradient-like effect. The intentional location of each pattern’s opacity allows a bit more privacy at seated height, while light and views are filtered above. Need to tweak it? A large pattern repeat allows for easy customization (and privacy at seated versus standing) by simply moving the repeat higher or lower, making this collection endlessly versatile while being downright cool.


Part of the MillerKnoll collective