Mosaik Pieces Together the Art of Sound-Softening

February 1, 2024

Introducing Mosaik

Inspired by the ancient mosaics founder Ted Acworth saw on his travels through Southern Europe, Artaic is a Boston-based fabricator of custom tile solutions for commercial and residential settings. Building upon Acworth’s background in engineering, Artaic pairs innovative modern technology with the centuries-old craft of mosaic design.

Now, Artaic brings that technology to 100% Wool Design Felt. Mosaik, a custom FilzFelt acoustic wall application, uses automation to customize and assemble mosaics from any source of inspiration. Mosaik patterns, large and small, are composed of individual tiles— available in over ninety colors of pure wool felt— that are designed to fit together seamlessly for simple and straightforward installation. 

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Plus a special, textile-inspired collection by
Kelly Harris Smith

Kelly Harris Smith Collection

When piecing together designs using Mosaik, Boston-based designer Kelly Harris Smith drew inspiration from both traditional textile patterns and those of German artist Anni Albers. Kelly’s new collection of sound-absorbing designs includes an array of playful patterns in completely customizable colorways that puts a new spin on the ancient art of mosaics.

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Kelly Harris Smith Collection

About Artaic 

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Artaic specializes in creating and fabricating custom mosaics through an innovative approach that combines traditional mosaic techniques with modern design tools and automation. Using robotic technology and its proprietary design software, Artaic customizes and assembles mosaics from any source of inspiration.

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About Artaic

“We believe in the power of innovation and collaboration. Our partnership with FilzFelt intersects technology, waste reduction, and a classic form of design. We’re recycling materials into stunning mosaic art, proving that the fusion of technology and craftsmanship can be a game-changer.”

About Artaic

Behind the Design 

For the team at Artaic, preserving the ancient art of mosaics is core to their mission. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Artaic specializes in creating custom mosaics by combining traditional mosaic techniques with modern design tools and automation. We caught up with Ted to chat about his travels across Europe, where he first stumbled on the art of mosaics, his passion for engineering, and ulitmately what led to a unique partnership with FilzFelt, exploring of a new natural material, and putting a contemporary twist on the art of mosaic design. 

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Behind the Design of Mosaik

“Mosaics first inspired me on a trip abroad, giving me a deep-rooted appreciation for mosaic art that catalyzed my desire to push the boundaries of this ancient craft. This endeavor is not just about products; it’s about the timeless art of mosaics and how tradition and innovation can redefine creativity.”

Behind the Design of Mosaik
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