Tac-Tile Gets to the Point

January 8, 2020

From the creative team at Cabs Design, Tac-Tile is a modular system of six unique tiles that install to create a strikingly dimensional wall system. This product crafted of 100% Wool Design Felt and Akustika 10 substrate masks sound-absorbing superpowers with an NRC rating of 0.60 and installs without any muss or fuss as direct-glue tiles. Create dynamic patterning in over ninety colors of wool felt to create an installation that is anything but ordinary.

Meet Bernd Benninghoff of Cabs Design

German designer, Bernd Benninghoff, knows a good acoustic product when he sees it. Part of the design collective which partially bears his name (he’s the B in Cabs), previous Cabs Design products for FilzFelt include Scale and Wing. With Tac-Tile, he turned up the volume on performance and design with three-dimensional modules that fold through a series of seemingly simple cuts. Bernd explains, “My goal was to develop acoustic wall tiles that are easy to manufacture and to install—but at the same time generate a strong three-dimensional surface that creates a warm atmosphere and plays with light and shadow.”


Part of the MillerKnoll collective