Caltech Sloan-Kellogg

Sound Absorption Under the Guise of Color + Pattern

At the renovation of Caltech’s Sloan and Kellogg buildings, HOK started with a clean slate then added classrooms, meeting rooms, and social areas to reflect less formality and foster a bit of serendipity. In a series of offices for professors, postdoctoral candidates, and graduate students, easing the intimidation of meeting with one’s professor was front and center. These meeting areas use a strong color palette and acoustic products are added under the guise of color and interesting shapes. Triangular Akustika 10 Wall panels break up the long corridors and the same blue felt covers a large column that doubles as a backrest of a generously-proportioned bench. In another area, ARO Block 2 in a not shy shade of green provides sound deadening plus creates more geometric patterning in a seating niche painted an equally vibrant hue.

  • Specifier HOK
  • Location Pasadena CA
  • Products 3mm Wool Design Felt, Akustika 10 Wall, ARO Block 2
  • Felt Colors 384 Lind + 548 Türkis
  • Photographer Eric Laignel

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