• Dee and Charles Wyly Theater with man on bed
  • Dee and Charles Wyly Theater detail of hanging panel
  • Dee and Charles Wyly Theater detail of hanging panel
  • Dee and Charles Wyly Theater detail of hanging panel in coference room
  • Dee and Charles Wyly Theater green hanging panels

Dee and Charles Wyly Theater

Hanging Panels in an Innovative Performing Arts Center

The Dee and Charles Wyly Theater is one of four theaters that comprise the AT&T Performing Arts Center, located in Dallas, Texas. It was designed by REX | OMA, Joshua Prince-Ramus (partner in charge) and, Pritzker Prize winning architect, Rem Koolhaas. The theater features a groundbreaking design with an unprecedented compact, stacked vertical organization where the support spaces are above and below the auditorium rather than around it.

Felt is integrated into several back-of-the-house spaces by local Dallas interior design firm, Emily Summers Design, including private offices, conference rooms, rehearsal room, and costume shop. 3mm and 5mm felt is used as sliding hanging panels, both solid and perforated, to allow for visual privacy, light control and to subdivide space quickly and easily. The panels also add color (in 713 Kiwi and 378 Oliv) to the otherwise subdued color palette of modern steel and glass building materials.

In the rehearsal room, moveable 5’-9” x 20’-6” panels in 3mm Design Felt are CNC cut and hung from a custom ceiling-mounted track system. The multicolored panels stack two layers of felt and incorporate perforated patterning on the top layer. Custom tracks for the entire project were manufactured and installed by Lakewood Interiors.

  • Specifier Emily Summers Design for REX/OMA, Joshua Prince-Ramus, Rem Koolhaas
  • Location Dallas TX
  • Product Custom Hanging Panels
  • Felt Colors 150 Weiß, 378 Oliv, 713 Kiwi
  • Photographer Sandy Carson

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