• IDEO San Francisco with blue hanging panels
  • IDEO San Francisco full space view
  • IDEO San Francisco seating area with rug

IDEO San Francisco

Hanging Panels in the Port District of San Francisco

Award-winning global design firm, IDEO, knows an innovative material when they see it and their San Francisco offices feature FilzFelt Custom Hanging Panels. These 4’-0” x 11’-8” (1.2 x 3.5 meter) custom panels feature 1½ inch (3.8 centimeter) circle perforations and grommets for hanging. Since Jensen Architects designed the space to encourage overlap and communal interaction, these oversized panels slide along a custom rail to create acoustic separation with visual transparency. The flexibility allows the kitchen and meeting space to become one large room at a moment’s notice and when open, the panels smartly stack to one side. This project won the 2013 IIDA Northern California Notable Award for Work Small.

  • Specifier Jensen Architects
  • Location San Francisco CA
  • Product Custom Hanging Panels
  • Felt Color 308 Petrol
  • Felt Thickness 5mm

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