Office Resources

Logo Becomes Pattern in Custom Hanging Panels

When Office Resources—a furniture dealership that carries the likes of Knoll, Niencamper, and Maharam—moved to their new home in the hip, industrial neighborhood of Fort Point, a focus on the lines they carried was no doubt a priority. However, the desire for a more flexible (and yes, open) work area created a need to provide some flexible space separation. Custom Hanging Panels feature the company’s logo in a bright orange and slide on a four-channel Hanging Panel Track System. These soft but sturdy panels provide visual separation but can easily tuck away to connect the café and work areas.

  • Client Office Resources
  • Location Boston MA
  • Products Custom Hanging Panels + Hanging Panel Track System
  • Felt Color 173 Mango
  • Photographer Bob O’Connor

Recent Projects

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Part of the MillerKnoll collective