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Perforations Take the Place of Dribbles and Rebounds

When Tableau decided to renovate an old gymnasium for their new Seattle offices, Gensler was determined to salvage some of the character of this building beloved by the local community. The basketball court, once a place of dribbles and rebounds, is repurposed throughout the interior reminding workers that gym shorts were once the rule of the day. To support the new occupants’ culture of varied work styles, areas of open workstations are complemented by private retreat spaces. The large open areas are broken down into something more manageable with visual buffers between zones. Matrix Hanging Panels provide that buffer in a cool grey, natural wool colorway. Reminiscent of old school Tetris and Pacman, the pattern of perforations allows light and view above while keeping privacy at desk level. The panels often double up to create interesting depth and multi-dimensional pattern while having the added benefit of increased acoustic absorption.

  • Specifier Gensler
  • Location Seattle WA
  • Products Matrix Hanging Panels + Hanging Panel Track System
  • Felt Color 170 Asche
  • Photographer ye-h Photography

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