• Interior Design, Sep 2013
  • Interior Design, Sep 2013
  • Interior Design, Sep 2013
  • Interior Design, Sep 2013
  • Interior Design, Sep 2013
  • Interior Design, Sep 2013
  • Interior Design, Sep 2013
  • Interior Design, Sep 2013
  • Interior Design, Sep 2013

Interior Design, Sep 2013

For Australian retailer, Aesop's, location in Greenwich Village, Tacklebox Architecture referenced concrete, oak and industrial felt in its design, inspired by the work of German artist Joseph Beuys. The retail store features 3mm Design Felt in 175 Graphit and allows it to wrap the entire space. A floating wooden shelving system is mounted through the felt, creating strong horizontal elements that tie in with the custom ceiling. The felt does triple duty as it adds texture, absorbs sound in the otherwise hard-surfaced space. And when Knoll moved their offices and showroom to midtown Manhattan, the 75-year-old company saw an opportunity to more fully integrate its specialty businesses (FilzFelt being one!) as Florence Knoll had envisioned. The ARO-designed space features a dramatic felt-wrapped custom stair that greets visitors as they enter the space. This stair is wrapped in 3mm Design Felt in custom 'Knoll Red' which is laminated and stitched then woven around the steel stair. At the top of the stairs, flexible private work rooms are enveloped in custom wall panels covered in 3mm Design Felt in 613 Gletscher creating soft, colorful (and quiet!) private spaces. Custom floor coverings throughout the space add colorful texture and define seating groupings.

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