Current and Tide Make Waves in Myriad Ways

January 30, 2024

Current Suspended Panels in Open Office

Inspired by the movements of the ocean, Current and Tide are two versatile acoustic panels that bring the outdoors in with a whimsy in keeping with the aesthetic of Swedish designer Mia Cullin. Suspend from above or hang to divide space with playful pops of color and curves. These panels are easy to hang and pair the softness of felt with acoustic performance.

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Tide Hanging Panels in open office

About Mia Cullin

Mia Cullin is an accomplished interior, furniture, and product designer based in Stockholm, Sweden. With a deep interest in traditional craftsmanship, Mia’s work often combines simple shapes and geometries with distinct and hand-crafted details and shows an honesty and truthfulness that expresses her roots in Nordic design.

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Stockholm cityscape on water

“We as designers have a responsibility to challenge every new product we make in a world that abounds with things: Does it have character? Does it tell a story? Does it have the force to carve its own place among existing objects?”

Mia Cullin headshot and studio space

Behind the Design

Inspired by the movements of the ocean, Current and Tide bring the outdoors in. Whether the panels are dividing space or bringing visual interest overhead, the new pair again feature Mia’s playful aesthetic with rippling curves that mimic the gentle waves of the water that surround her home in Stockholm. Turning to heat-forming technology, Current and Tide feature gentle waves that allow the inherent qualities of Wool Design Felt to shine. We caught up with Mia to learn more about the whimsical pair, her exploration into new technology, and what she’s been up to this past year.

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Kayaking in Stockholm

“As the name implies, tides, waves, and movements of the ocean are the inspiration behind this design. My home is near the water, so the ocean is something I see every day. Stockholm is actually situated on islands with boats that run between many of them. Really, I have always lived near the water and love to be in/near it, where I can go swimming and kayaking.”

Tide Detail and Ocean Waves
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