Grain and Reeds Find Their Groove

April 12, 2024

Grain in conference room

German designer Bernd Benninghoff often draws from his travels abroad and ventures in nature when designing interior and architectural projects. His latest collection of acoustic wall panels for FilzFelt again brings the outdoors in. This year, Bernd takes us to the Canary Islands, where the fascinating and varying landscapes inspired the soothing and natural curves that create the patterning for Grain and Reeds. These two acoustic panels create continuous patterning through subtle and gently swaying v-grooves. 

Grain and Reeds pair soft curves with subtle depth that play with light and shadow, a defining characteristic of Bernd’s designs. Pair over ninety colors of 100% Wool Design Felt with three shades of grey substrate, or for even greater color possibilities, add a second layer of felt for the v-grooves to be cut into for endless color combinations. 

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Reeds in Coffee Shop

About Bernd Benninghoff

Bernd Benninghoff works as a furniture designer and interior architect based in Mainz, Germany. Since 2000, his design studio has developed furniture as well as room and exhibition concepts for international clients. For Bernd, objects and spatial context are interrelated. It is important for him to use authentic materials and appropriate manufacturing processes—in search of meaningful design solutions and room experiences with an independent character.

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Bernd Benninghoff in Studio

“My goal is to develop products that are easy to manufacture and to install — but at the same time generate a strong three-dimensional surface that creates a warm atmosphere and plays with light and shadow.” 

prototypes in Bernd's studio

Behind the Design

Many of Bernd Benninghoff’s designs for FilzFelt draw from forms in nature, particularly those he stumbles on during travels abroad. With Grain and Reeds, Bernd again brings the outdoors in. This year, it was the varying  landscapes of the Canary Islands that inspired the subtle and natural curves that create the panels’ patterning. We chatted with Bernd to hear more about what he loves about these fascinating islands and the little surprises he stumbled upon while trecking around, camera in tow. 

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Canary Islands

“I have been traveling to the Canary Islands regularly for many years. The volcanic islands in the Atlantic offer a fascinating range of landscapes, from jagged lava flows to dense rainforests and black sand beaches. I always have my camera on me when I go hiking for the beautiful details that nature has in store.”

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