• BoyarMiller with plank install


ARO Plank 1 Provides Color and Quiets a Break Room

BoyarMiller is a Houston-based law firm that offers comprehensive corporate, real estate, and financial legal services. At their new 25,000 square-foot law office in Houston, the space designed by Gensler transitions the firm to single-space offices rather than the traditional large, lavish offices common in law firms. To support this organizational (and architectural) shift, amenity-heavy support spaces provide flexibility for varied work styles and help recruit clients and top talent. In a large break room opposite the reception area and visible from the elevator lobby, a 21’-0” (6.4 meter) run of ARO Plank 1 wraps an alcove with bench seating in a saturated red-orange hue. This architectural statement does double-duty as seating as well as provides effective sound absorption with an NRC rating of 1.0.

  • Specifier Gensler
  • Location Houston TX
  • Product Custom ARO Plank 1 Bench
  • Felt Color 173 Mango
  • Photographer Dror Baldinger

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