CO Adaptive Architecture

Subtle, Sound Absorbing, and Natural Wool Felts

For their design studio in Brooklyn, New York, CO Adaptive Architecture applies a variety of sound-absorbing products, all in pure wool felts. In the open office, Akustika 25 Baffles hang in a beautifully subtle gradation of natural white wools across the ceiling. And in a conference room, custom Akustika 10 Wall panels in a soft grey are sized to fit the room’s unique angles and architecture.

  • Specifier CO Adaptive Architecture
  • Location Brooklyn NY
  • Products Akustika 25 Baffles + Akustika 10 Wall
  • Felt Colors 100 Wollweiß, 110 Rohweiß, 150 Weiß, 160 Beige, 200 Natur
  • Photographer Peter Dressel

Recent Projects

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Part of the MillerKnoll collective