• Dailymotion common work area with hanging panels
  • Dailymotion with blue felt install
  • Dailymotion workstation
  • Dailymotion with blue felt wallcovering
  • Dailymotion with blue custom wall install
  • Dailymotion hallway
  • Dailymotion common areas


Wall Panels That Color Outside of the Lines

Felt products abound in Dailymotion’s 13,000 square-foot New York headquarters. In this video-sharing website company’s space designed by Matiz Architecture & Design, felt products dot the space to provide strong color plus acoustic and sensory relief from the digital daily grind. At the reception area, 5mm Design Felt CNC cut with the Dailymotion logo is adhered to the wall and conveys strong branding. In a colorful conference room, direct-adhered CNC felt pieces assemble to form a Wi-Fi symbol with the added bonus of sound dampening.

Elsewhere in the space, Akustika 10 Wall panels play with color gradation and patterning while providing needed acoustic absorption. In an open work area, a cluster of panels implies pixelated imagery of the Statue of Liberty giving a subtle nod to the headquarters’ locale. Whereas at the reception area, shades of blue panels playfully turn a corner. More Akustika 10 Wall panels in shades of red and grey find homes in a flexible meeting room and at two game rooms adjacent to Ping-Pong and Foosball revelry. To create soft space separation in one game room, custom hanging panels in a natural beige (with a few unexpected strips of yellow) hang on a fixed two-channel Hanging Panel Track System.

  • Specifier Matiz Architecture & Design
  • Location New York NY
  • Products Akustika 10 Wall, CNC cut Wool Design Felt, Custom Fringe Hanging Panels
  • Felt Colors 100 Wollweiß, 110 Rohweiß, 124 Gelb, 131 Honig, 150 Weiß, 151 Hellorange, 160 Beige, 173 Mango, 179 Hellrot, 200 Natur, 201 Rot, 220 Rehbraun, 250 Trüffelbraun, 284 Himmel, 286 H’Blau, 300 Anthrazit, 613 Gletscher
  • Photographer Sakeenah Saleem for Arenson Photography

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