Degenkolb Engineers

Sound Absorption in a Flex Space

At Degenkolb Engineers, a reception area, huddle room, and conference room with operable partitions allow for one ample, multi-function space. While this may be great from a flexibility standpoint, it can get noisy when a lot of people come together. SmithGroup cleverly disguises sound absorption in plain sight through the use of wall and ceiling acoustic products. In the reception and conference room, Tac-Tile in single and multi-color versions may appear all about design, but it packs a sound-soaking punch. Across the ceilings throughout, ARO Grid 2 works overtime to delineate meeting areas and circulation paths while providing visual interest and masking the clutter over overhead.

  • Specifier SmithGroup
  • Location Oakland CA
  • Products ARO Grid 2 + Tac-Tile
  • Colors 02 Medium Grey, 427 Stein, 647 Kobalt
  • Photographer Anthony Lindsey

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