Fenwick & West

Acoustic Clouds Create a Playful Tree Canopy

At Fenwick & West, a national law firm specializing in technology and life sciences, their Manhattan outpost in the historic Chelsea neighborhood pays homage to the city’s urban parks and green spaces. Wing is installed to mimic a tree canopy in the town hall-style square at the center of the office. These whimsical acoustic clouds provide significant sound absorption overhead while bucking the acoustic baffle status quo. A series of sleek meeting rooms feature a decidedly darker color palette with Rain acoustic wall panels in a rich charcoal grey to anchor the room. These highly customizable panels allow technology to seamlessly integrate and install without any fuss using standard Z-Clips.

  • Specifier Huntsman Architectural Group
  • Location New York NY
  • Products Rain + Wing
  • Felt Colors 160 Beige, 175 Graphit, 732 Farn
  • Photographer Ines Leong / L-INES Photo

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