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  • LinkedIn Toronto wall detail
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LinkedIn Toronto

Layered Leaves Aplenty at a Social Networking Service

LinkedIn may appear to be all business but, like its tech counterparts, personality shines throughout their workplaces. At the 60,000 square foot Canadian headquarters in Toronto, IA Interior Architects creates a location-specific, amenity filled space that encourages face-to-face as well as digital collaboration. From birch-printed wallcovering to picnic tables, the design of the space makes playful references to its Canadian locale. FilzFelt joins the party with two curved felt feature walls that make reference to the nearby parklands. The leafy green walls provide visual and acoustic separation between a meeting breakout area and foosball-filled recreation space. The felt installation is comprised of three laminated CNC cut 3mm Design Felt layers in green hues that accentuate the strong leaf patterning. The pattern allows some of the leaves to fall open, creating a three-dimensional, textural sculptural wall that delivers an ode to nature while providing needed sound absorption.

  • Specifier IA Interior Architects
  • Location Toronto ON
  • Product CNC cut Wool Design Felt
  • Felt Colors 343 D’Grün, 377 Maigrün, 713 Kiwi

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