• Square offices with hanging panels
  • Square office with panels in orange


Hanging Panels Get Squared Away

For the new offices of Square, the mobile payments company, Bohlin Cywinski Jackson converted an existing data center in the market district of San Francisco. The 173,000-square-foot office is organized around a central boulevard with individual departments taking the form of neighborhoods clustered around transparent team rooms. The clean, white office is a reflection of Square’s products and strong visual identity. Color is applied selectively with Custom Hanging Panels in striking 180 Terracotta helping to demarcate key landmarks. These panels take standard Matrix Hanging Panels and customize them with Square’s logo to evoke strong color and subtle branding. Custom track is provided by Lakewood Interiors, Inc.

  • Specifier Bohlin Cywinski Jackson
  • Location San Francisco CA
  • Product Custom Hanging Panels
  • Felt Color 180 Terracotta
  • Photographer Matthew Millman

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