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Perforated Felt Reduces Sound (and the Stuffy Quotient) at a Brokerage Firm

At the Chicago offices of Tastyworks, an online brokerage firm for the do-it-yourself investor, a cold storage building gets a major overhaul with the addition of workstations alongside meeting and lounge areas. The large open office area filled with trading desks is anchored by a wall of CNC cut Wool Design Felt cut with perforations in a natural grey (200 Natur) to mute the vibrant orange painted wall. This custom wallcovering softens the hard-surfaced space, absorbs sound, and provides playful patterning. At the reception area, a wall of custom Akustika 10 Wall incorporates the Tastyworks logo plus keeps the perforation theme going in two colors of felt (151 Hellorange and 200 Natur) to provide a not-so-subtle boost of color and sound absorption.

  • Specifier John Ronan Architects
  • Location Chicago IL
  • Products Custom Akustika 10 Wall + CNC cut Wool Design Felt
  • Felt Colors 151 Hellorange + 200 Natur
  • Photographer Steve Hall © Hedrich Blessing

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