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WeWork Charging Bull

Felt and Games in Boutique Office Space

New York-based WeWork provides a coworking workplace for start-ups and small businesses with flexible, amenity-ridden space. Their design aesthetic leans towards the creative-minded and includes shared conference rooms, comfy lounges, and even arcades. At WeWork Charging Bull located in Lower Manhattan, Wool Design Felt is used throughout to provide vibrant color, natural texture, and sound absorbing properties. In the arcade, Akustika 25 Suspended in 242 Pink and 423 Hellgrau hangs above the games and complements Akustika 25 Wall at the walls to mitigate even the most boisterous games (or players). Elsewhere in the space, 3mm Wool Design Felt is applied to acoustical ceiling tiles in the conference rooms to create playful yet beneficial ceiling panels. And at a flexible work area tucked beneath the stair, 3mm Wool Design Felt in 200 Natur and 274 Senf is upholstered into soft bench seating.

  • Specifier WeWork
  • Location New York NY
  • Products 3mm Wool Design Felt, Akustika 25 Suspended, Akustika 25 Wall
  • Felt Colors 170 Asche, 200 Natur, 242 Pink, 274 Senf

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