Baffles Get Playful with Color and Unexpected Shapes

Sometimes it’s good when acoustic baffles are the life of the party and not just wallflowers. The designers at Noll & Tam Architects didn’t shy away from bold colors and bright, open spaces for the renovated headquarters of an international chipmaker in San Jose, California. With cafés, lounges, assembly rooms, and informal meeting areas all within earshot of heads-down work areas, high-performing Akustika 25 Baffles are disguised with playful colors and unexpected shapes. Also in enclosed touchdown and informal meeting rooms, 3mm Wool Design Felt not only keeps the color story from going drab but assists with sound deadening for when a little quiet time is needed.

  • Specifier Noll & Tam Architects
  • Location San Jose CA
  • Products 3mm Wool Design Felt + Akustika 25 Baffles
  • Felt Colors 125 Tomate, 150 Weiß, 170 Asche, 175 Graphit, 286 H’Blau, 312 Lagune, 713 Kiwi
  • Photographer Jasper Sanidad

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