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487 Pfirsich 023 Koralle 945 Drachenfrucht 221 Himbeere 136 Weinrot 209 Bordeaux 102 Kirsche 201 Rot 125 Tomate 179 Hellrot 180 Terracotta 173 Mango 105 Rost 573 Kupfer 116 Orange 495 Abricot 124 Gelb 131 Honig 509 Kamel 550 Ocker 274 Senf 108 Zitrone 403 Mais 535 Sesam 203 Vanille 027 Kartause 384 Lind 713 Kiwi 377 Maigrün 732 Farn 378 Oliv 260 Sprießen 343 D’Grün 435 Smaragd 625 Pinie 248 Jade 472 Minze 575 Salbei 483 Adria 548 Türkis 312 Lagune 345 Pazifik 308 Petrol 698 Dunst 405 Stahl 215 Meer 540 Ozean 533 Indigo 282 D’Blau 111 Traube 626 Azur 647 Kobalt 686 Enzian 272 Royal 286 H’Blau 995 Wasser 458 Bewölkt 284 Himmel 613 Gletscher 551 Eis 113 Immergrün 099 Lila 667 Amethyst 242 Pink 640 Granat 634 Erröten 671 Pfingstrose 255 Flieder 269 Violett 437 Aubergine 250 Trüffelbraun 220 Rehbraun 411 Alpaka 190 Natur-meliert 200 Natur 331 Sahara 311 Mandel 467 Sand 481 Sandstein 100 Wollweiß 110 Rohweiß 160 Beige 529 Champagner 150 Weiß 428 Silber 427 Stein 021 Beton 170 Asche 423 Hellgrau 408 Taupe 175 Graphit 425 Taubengrau 446 Kohle 300 Anthrazit 426 Schwarz

Plectere Curve

Braided wool felt strips come together to make a soft and three-dimensional hanging panel that comes in two standard sizes—Quarter Circle and Half Circle. These curvalious panels divide space and soften sound with their thick wool felt strips. Pair with Plectere Aline panels to create cozy nooks or hang on their own for a sea of lovely arcs. And thanks to the minimal suspension hardware, nothing steals the show from these bespoke knitted curves. By combining Plectere Aline and Plectere Curve, defining the spaces you need is as easy as pie. Hang these soft braided panels to define a corridor, create head’s down work nooks, or simply break up a large room. Allow multiple panels to undulate through a space or hang them individually to create a custom space plan that goes up in no time flat.

  • Designer Petra Vonk
  • Content 100% Wool Design Felt
  • Panel Thickness ±6 in (±15 cm)
  • Standard Sizes Quarter Circle: ±3’-0 3/4” x 3’-0 3/4” x 8’-1 1/2” (±93 x 93 x 248 cm)
  • Half Circle: ±6’-1 3/4” x 3’-0 3/4” x 8’-1 1/2” (±186 x 93 x 248 cm)
  • Size Tolerance Plectere is made of natural wool felt and braided by hand so sizes may vary ±2 in (±5 cm) in width and ±2–4 in (±5–10 cm) in length
  • Color Options 1-Color (2-Color to 4-Color available as a custom)
  • Hardware Finishes Brass rivets secure the strips on the left and right sides
  • Top and bottom bars are satin anodized aluminum
  • Custom Custom sizes available—please contact FilzFelt customer service
  • 2-Color to 4-Color screens available with upcharge
  • Durability Contract or residential
  • Lead Time Made to order and certain lead times will apply
  • Installation Installs with two to four suspension drops included per panel with cable grippers that mount to ceiling and allow height adjustment. Suspension cables comes in 3’-0” (91.4 cm) length and additional length is available for an upcharge. Actual ceiling connection depends upon ceiling type and ceiling fasteners not included.
  • Suspension Points 2–4 suspension points per panel
  • Min Distance Above Floor 8 in (20 cm)
  • Maintenance Vacuum occasionally to remove general air-borne debris. Should soiling occur, spot clean with mild soap and lukewarm water. Avoid aggressive rubbing as this can continue the felting process and change the surface appearance of the felt. Refer to 100% Wool Design Felt Maintenance + Cleaning for detailed care instructions.
  • Variation Wool felt is a natural material and color variation and inclusions of natural fiber on the surface are evidence of the 100% natural origin of the material. Product color is only indicative, as it is not possible to assure consistency of color in a natural product due to the natural color of raw wool and absorption of dyes. Color matching cannot be guaranteed on shipments and variation will be more pronounced beyond the normal commercial range. In addition, variations in temperature and humidity can expand or contract the fibers affecting the size and shape of the felt. Please note that dimensions may change ±2 in (±5 cm) in width and ±2–4 in (±5–10 cm) in length due to climate variation.
  • Environmental 100% Wool Design Felt is biodegradable, contains no formaldehyde, 100% VOC free, no chemical irritants, and free of harmful substances
  • 100% Wool Design Felt contributes to LEED©
Petra Vonk

Petra Vonk

Petra Vonk has spent her career studying and perfecting the art of knitting. This Dutch textile designer launched her Amsterdam design studio in 1990 after graduating from the Eindhoven Design Academy. Initially working as a knitwear designer for international labels, she became frustrated by the impermanence of fashion so began focusing on scaling up her knitted works for use in interiors and architectural projects. While employing technology with traditional knitted craft, Petra creates often new and unexpected concepts and applications. Through the use of repetition in abstract patterns, her designs experiment with transparency. Her design objects have expressive visual and tactile qualities with an emphasis in functionality, be it to enhance the acoustic properties of a space or offer intimacy within an interior through impenetrable graphic patterns.


  • Acoustics ASTM C 423: NRC – 0.20, SAA – 0.23
  • Colorfastness to Light Class 4–5 (40 hours)
  • Colorfastness to Crocking Class 3–4 (wet), Class 4–5 (dry)
  • Environmental Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified Product Class II
  • Meets VOC test limits for the CDPH v1.2 method
  • Flammability Test reports available upon request
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