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Soft + Soothing Felt at a Dental Office

Don’t love going to the dentist? How about soothing colors and a modern, fun interior to help you grin and bear it? 3mm Design Felt in 713 Kiwi covers a feature wall in the waiting area along with an oval custom floor covering in the same tranquil hue. At the reception desk, 3mm Design Felt in 200 Natur covers the side of the reception desk and a custom light pendant made by hand stitching and stretching 3mm felt across Europly ribs lends some softness in the otherwise hard-surfaced space.

For more information on 100% Wool Design Felt, please visit the Felt by the Yard product pages.

  • Specifier Merge Architects
  • Location Waltham MA
  • Product 100% Wool Design Felt
  • Felt Colors 200 Natur + 713 Kiwi
  • Felt Thickness 3mm + 5mm
  • Photographer John Horner

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