• ARO Plank at the ARO Offices
  • ARO Grid 1 at the ARO Offices
  • ARO Plank at the ARO Offices
  • ARO Grid at the ARO Offices
  • ARO Shingle 4 at the ARO Offices
  • ARO Plank bench at the ARO Offices

ARO Offices

Texture and Patterning on Repeat

New York-based firm and FilzFelt collaborator, Architecture Research Office believes curiosity can be the basis for architectural practice. The firm’s diverse portfolio, spanning architecture and urban design, consistently exemplifies an effort to achieve the greatest aesthetic impact while using the fewest natural resources, and its approach to designing new offices in Brooklyn does just the same.

The Architecture Research Office product collections for FilzFelt combine the natural beauty of wool felt with repetition and pattern to create acoustic products that are elegant and easy to install. Throughout the firm’s downtown Brooklyn office, a range of ARO products play up their love for both of these as ARO Plank and ARO Shingle 4 line the walls of shared conference rooms and workspaces. At the same time, visitors are greeted with playful patterning overhead in ARO Grid 1.

  • Specifier Architecture Research Office
  • Location New York NY
  • Product ARO Grid 1, ARO Shingle, ARO Plank 1, ARO Plank 3
  • Colors 05 Ice, 105 Rost, 190 Natur-meliert, 215 Meer, 533 Indigo
  • Photographer Magda Biernat/OTTO

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