Fast Food Chain Headquarters

Hex Becomes an Unexpected Wallflower

At the corporate headquarters of a fast food chain in suburban Atlanta, CNC cut Wool Design Felt provides a textural, graphic custom wallcovering. Originally designed for FilzFelt’s Hanging Panels, the Hex pattern may be accustomed to dividing space but transitions easily to the walls of a touchdown workspace designed by Smallwood, Reynolds, Stewart, Stewart. This slightly haphazard pattern provides a geometric play on the honeycomb form with a shape missing here or there to keep things interesting. And when applied over a yellow-painted wall, the hexagonal cutouts allow the saturated color to punch through. This custom wallcovering—created with butt-seamed CNC cut felt sections—yields a seamless wall of soft, chromatic felt and dynamic graphic patterning.

  • Specifier Smallwood, Reynolds, Stewart, Stewart
  • Location Atlanta GA
  • Product CNC cut Wool Design Felt
  • Felt Color 312 Lagune
  • Photographer Eric Laignel

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