• Forage Restaurant with felt wall over banquette
  • Forage Restaurant felt wall install detail

Forage Restaurant

Sound-Absorbing Felt Stripes in a Sustainable Restaurant

Forage Restaurant, located in The Listel Hotel in downtown Vancouver, focuses on sustainability in their ingredients, energy consumption and even waste disposal. Because it’s a rapidly renewable resource, wool felt passed the strict material standards set for the project and is the perfect fit for the feature walls. CNC cut strips in alternating colors of 3mm Design Felt are adhered to the walls to create colorful patterning. Additionally, the felt also provides acoustic absorption, reducing the sound reverberation within this busy restaurant.

Another option to achieve this look is to order Roll cut Design Felt, which can be cut to specific widths. Please note that Roll cut Design Felt must be purchased in whole bolt increments, so this option works best for larger projects.

  • Specifier Evoke International Design
  • Location Vancouver BC
  • Product CNC cut Wool Design Felt
  • Felt Colors 100 Wollweiß, 150 Weiß, 170 Asche, 175 Graphit, 274 Senf, 378 Oliv
  • Photographer Janis Nicolay

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