One Medical

Playing with Patterns and Custom Acoustic Solutions

At One Medical’s new headquarters in San Francisco, nature and nurturing plays well with amped-up colors and playful geometric patterns. In alternative work areas, wool felt adds all-natural tactility and oh-so-softness while custom capabilities provide distinctive acoustic solutions. Custom Polka 90 Hanging Panels are secured top and bottom to create peek-a-boo patterning with visual privacy at booths intended for impromptu meetings. Elsewhere in soft seating areas, high-top meeting table areas, and a café, Akustika 10 Suspended panels in a custom blue-green colorway float overhead. These über-thin acoustic panels buck the idea that all corners need to be right angles. The occasional curved corner echoes the circulation path below while delivering sound softening and all-natural texture.

  • Specifier BCCI Builders + BHDM Design
  • Location San Francisco CA
  • Products Custom Akustika 10 Suspended + Custom Polka 90 Hanging Panels
  • Felt Colors Custom Color + 425 Taubengrau
  • Photographer Jasper Sanidad

Recent Projects

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