SAP Innovation Center & Hanahaus

Graphic Sound Softening in Workspaces Without Walls

For this business software company’s SoCal Innovation Center, the building balances a co-working environment open to the public with an R&D center for the company. In this space where the choice of where to work is up the user, on-demand workspaces include semiprivate built-in banquettes with warm wood complimented by Chevron Block in a dynamic pattern of greys and not-so-subtle pops of yellow. Block provides graphic patterning that packs a punch all the while providing the sound-softening needed in these workspaces without walls.

  • Specifier H.Hendy Associates
  • Location Newport Beach CA
  • Product Chevron Block
  • Felt Colors 150 Weiß, 170 Asche, 175 Graphit, 274 Senf
  • Photographer RMA Architectural Photography

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