• SYPartners Circle hanging panel in office
  • SYPartners with circle hanging panels
  • Circle hanging panels view
  • SYPartners corner view
  • SYPartners with hanging panels behind table
  • SYPartners Office View
  • SYPartners work areas
  • SYPartners work areas alternate view


Space-Softening Felt in a New York Market Research Firm

For the new Manhattan office of SYPartners, a cutting edge market research company, A+I Architects designed a unique workplace that features felt surfacing throughout. Vertical felt panels and felt floor coverings soften the hard surfaces visually without detracting from the minimal style. The space works from a color palette of white, grey with pops of orange and purple.

Custom Circle Hanging Panels create flexible visual and acoustic privacy in the conference rooms along the main reception area. These panels are mounted on a sliding track system allowing them to stack aside to create a flexible large meeting space. Keeping a theme of circle patterning, 8mm Design Felt in 200 Natur with larger three inch (7.6 centimeter) perforations softens the steel structure at the internal stair. 8mm felt is adhered to each side of the steel, which is also cut with matching perforations.

Custom circular rugs in 200 Natur are placed in private offices beneath caster-based task chairs and a large custom floor covering in 173 Mango with matching hand stitching creates an energetic pop of color in one of the informal meeting rooms.

  • Specifier A+I Architects
  • Location New York NY
  • Products CNC cut Wool Design Felt, Custom Floor Coverings, Custom Hanging Panels
  • Felt Colors 173 Mango + 200 Natur
  • Photographer Magda Biernat

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