The Perch House

A Primary Bedroom Gets the Quiet Treatment

The owner of The Perch House requested a home inspired by the forest, sea, and skies of the Salish Sea. Located on an urban corner of Seattle’s Queen Anne Hill, the 5,500 square foot home opens to expensive views of the sea and mountains. While competing with the natural splendor just outside may be tough, ARO Plank 4 in a soothing, all-natural wool creates an impactful but tranquil backdrop in the primary bedroom. This sound-soaking wall system provides an NRC of 0.65 to keep the room as serene as its surroundings.

  • Specifier Chadbourne + Doss Architects
  • Location Seattle WA
  • Product ARO Plank 4
  • Felt Color 150 Weiß
  • Photographer Kevin Scott

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