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Color Guide

Ice Medium Grey Dark Grey

Akustika 10 Baffle

Akustika 10 Baffle is simple but not simplistic. Crafted exclusively of Akustika 10, this super sleek acoustic solution keeps the aesthetic muted while going big on sound absorption. Pick from customizable sizes to get just the right fit. And although suspension hardware is a necessity, it doesn’t need to be the center of attention. Akustika 10 Baffle’s multiple suspension and mounting options are minimal while also making installation a breeze.

  • Content Akustika 10 (60% post-consumer recycled content)
  • Panel Sizes Minimum: 1 sq ft (0.09 sq m)
  • Maximum: 1’-8” x 9’-8” (50.8 x 294.6 cm)
  • Thickness 1 11/16 in (42.6 mm)
  • Suspension Options Suspension Cable
  • Suspension Rod
  • Ceiling Mounted
  • Suspension Points Two suspension points per panel
  • Ceiling Attach. Options None
  • Ceiling Mounting Plate
  • ACT Grid Clip (all options for Suspension Cable only)
  • Custom Custom sizes are available and must be quoted
  • Durability Contract
  • Lead Time Made to order and certain lead times will apply
  • Installation Installs with two suspension drops included per baffle for suspended options or ceiling attachment hardware for ceiling mounted. Sliding cable grippers and suspension rods may be repositioned along track in top of baffle and optional ceiling attachment options include mounting plate and ACT grid clips. Suspension cables or rods come in 3’-0” (91.4 cm) length and additional length may be available. Actual ceiling connection depends upon ceiling type and ceiling fasteners not included.
  • Unistrut Installation Suspension options may be suspended from Unistrut Metal Framing System provided by others. For more information, please contact FilzFelt Customer Service.
  • Maintenance Vacuum occasionally to remove general air-borne debris. Should soiling occur, spot clean with mild soap and lukewarm water.
  • Variation Color variation is evidence of the manufacturing process of the material. Product color is only indicative, as it is not possible to assure consistency of color due to the deliberate mixture of colors in the dyed fibers.
  • Environmental Contains minimum 60% post-consumer recycled content and is 100% recyclable, no formaldehyde, 100% VOC free, no chemical irritants, and free of harmful substances
  • Akustika 10 contributes to LEED©
  • Acoustics ASTM C 423: NRC – 0.90, SAA – 0.92
  • Colorfastness to Light Class 5 (72 hours)
  • Environmental Living Building Challenge Criteria Compliant
  • Oeko-Tex© Standard 100 Certified Product Class II
  • Meets VOC test limits for the CDPH v1.2 method
  • Flammability Test reports available upon request
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