• WeWork Fulton Center
  • WeWork Fulton Center
  • WeWork Fulton Center
  • WeWork Fulton Center
  • WeWork Fulton Center

WeWork Fulton Center

Eclectic Color and Pattern for Coworking

At WeWork, its all about the entrepreneur. WeWork has made its mission to provide cool, flexible boutique office space in Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Chicago, Boston, and New York City. For WeWork Fulton Center, located in the Financial District of Manhattan, the space is as eclectic in its finishes as in its use, offering a variety of workspaces including private offices, soft lounge, and informal meeting areas, and private phone/work rooms. 3mm Wool Design Felt is used throughout in shades of green and grey to provide a textural, colorful wall covering. And at the phone rooms, 3mm Design Felt in 732 Farn adds softness and sound absorption. Elsewhere Polka 120 Floor Mats in 170 Asche and 175 Graphit, create a little coziness in an informal lounge area.

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  • Specifier WeWork
  • Location New York NY
  • Products 3mm Wool Design Felt + Polka 120 Floor Mats
  • Felt Colors 160 Beige, 170 Asche, 175 Graphit, 200 Natur, 713 Kiwi, 732 Farn

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