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Flexible Felt Screens Create a Little Separation

At the San Francisco offices of Blend Labs, the color palette and finishes gravitate toward greys with pops of subtle but impactful colors. A series of flexible felt screens are created with 5mm felt strips in various shades of grey, blue, and burgundy. The strips are suspended with grommets at the top and bottom, allowing an interactive screening system that has adjustable transparency plus sound absorption to boot. These clever screens create a separation of lounge and informal work areas from the desking spaces throughout. And nearby, a lighter shade of grey 3mm felt is installed as an acoustic wallcovering in touchdown rooms.

  • Specifier Studio O+A
  • Location San Francisco CA
  • Products 3mm Wool Design Felt + 5mm Wool Design Felt
  • Felt Colors 150 WeiƟ, 170 Asche, 175 Graphit, 209 Bordeaux, 686 Enzian
  • Photographer Garrett Rowland

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