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Giant Pixel

Felt Cabanas Mix Work and Play at a San Francisco Startup

Giant Pixel is a San Francisco-based gaming software start-up and their new headquarters designed by Studio O+A fit a diversity of settings into the dynamic and fun workplace. Work styles are as individual as workers themselves and as varied as the tasks required during the day. Good office design allows for a quiet, intimate corner to escape to while also providing flexible spaces for communal activities like happy hours or tech talks. And zones are created that are dedicated to team activities without sacrificing needs for individual focused work.

The designers incorporated 5mm Design Felt in 170 Asche into private break cabanas on the office’s upper level. The felt was installed by a local fabricator and is suspended from a simple cable and rod system from the ceiling. The result is a cozy and quiet retreat within the office to take a break, have a quick meeting with a colleague, or hunker down and get some serious work done.

  • Specifier Studio O+A
  • Location San Francisco CA
  • Product 5mm Wool Design Felt
  • Felt Color 170 Asche
  • Photographer Jasper Sanidad

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